Developing a Business plan – Confrère 1

Format : Instructor led and self paced
Duration : 4 Weeks
Level : All


The module is introduced with a session on understanding the importance of business
planning, including key elements in a business plan.
The micro & small enterprises are taken through the importance of developing an operations
mission statement; focus is given to the process flow diagram which enables them to have in
place standard operating procedures for all the key processes undertaken in product
To add unto that, they are taken through an extensive session on basic finance and accounting
with key focus on elements of accounts, sources of financial information, accounting equation,
taxes and statutory deductions, financial statements and financial rations. MSMEs will also
learn about marketing and understanding competition, personal and business branding.


  • – Operations management
  • – Financial Management
  • – Marketing plan
  • – Human Resource PlanningExperienced facilitators from govt, banks and other institutions


Experienced facilitators from govt, banks and other institutions