Understanding My Business – Confrère 1

Format : Instructor led and self paced
Duration : 4 Weeks
Level : All


The micro & small enterprises are taken through the nine building blocks of the Business
Canvas Model commencing with an introductory session of a complete BMC. The module
focuses on elaborating the building blocks and ensuring that there is a standard interpretation
by the micro & small enterprises whereas the individual coaching sessions enable each
entrepreneur to contextualize the building blocks in accordance to their business.


  • – Introduction to the Business Model canvas
  • – Business Model Canvas building blocks
    1. – Customer segmentation: Defines the different groups of people or
      organizations an enterprise aims to reach and serve
    2. – Customer relationships: Describes the types of relationships a business
      establishes with a specific customer segmentation.
    3. – Customer Channels: Describes the means by which the company will deliver
      its value proposition to each customer segment
    4. – Value proposition: Describes the bundle of products & services that create
      value for a specific customer segment.
  • – Business Model Canvas building blocks
    1. – Key resources: Describes the most important assets required to make a
      business model work.
    2. – Key activities: Describes the most important things a business must do to
      make its business model work.
    3. – Key partners: Describes the network of suppliers & partners that make the
      business model work.
    4. – Revenue stream; Represents the cash a business generates from each
      customer segment.
    5. – Cost structure: Describes all costs incurred to operate a business model.


Experienced facilitators from govt, banks and other institutions